Although everyone who lives in the UK enjoys free health care through the National Health Service, there are many good reasons why you should consider taking out private health insurance for you and your family.

Greater choice of health care options

NHS patients have little or no choice when it comes to where they receive their health care and who provides it.  

Private health insurance gives you a much wider choice, ensuring that the hospital or clinic you attend has the very best and most appropriate facilities to treat your condition. You can also be sure that you will be treated by a specialist who has in-depth knowledge of your specific health issues.

Reduced waiting times for treatment

Waiting lists in the UK are getting longer as the NHS struggles to cope with patient demand, staff shortages and underfunding. There are currently over one million people awaiting treatment for various conditions, and waiting lists for ‘routine’ procedures can be years long.

Those with private health insurance can be assured that they will receive the care they need quickly, eliminating worrying and stressful waiting times.

Higher standards of care

Although NHS hospital and clinic facilities are generally adequate, private hospitals are usually better equipped, cleaner, and more comfortable.

Patients with private health insurance attending private hospitals and clinics enjoy private rooms, rather than overcrowded, noisy wards. You’ll enjoy en suite bathroom facilities, satellite TV, hotel standard food and a more comfortable, cleaner environment.

There’s much less restriction on visiting times too so your friends and family can drop in and see you when it’s convenient for them.

Access to the most up-to-date procedures and newest equipment

Due to lack of funding, many NHS hospitals do not have access to the most innovative procedures and the best equipment.

This is not generally the case for private hospitals and clinics, so patients with private health insurance can be sure that they will receive the very latest treatment options.

More personalized care

When you attend for an NHS consultation, it can feel as though you are on an impersonal production line.

By contrast, as a private health insurance patient, you will enjoy more time to discuss your condition and your treatment options with physicians. You won’t have to spend ages sitting in overcrowded waiting rooms and your experience will be far more personal and customer-friendly.

Peace of mind

Taking out private health insurance gives you the peace of mind that you and your family will receive the very best care when you need it most, and in a comfortable and personalised environment.

In conclusion

You can take advantage of the highest standards of medical care for your family by taking out private health insurance. You won’t have to worry about NHS waiting lists, doctors’ strikes, underfunding or substandard care, giving you peace of mind.

Private health insurance is very affordable for most people. Why not apply now for a free, no obligation quote?